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Tennis has Evolved, but have you?

Spec Tennis is the antidote for many of the struggles we face in tennis. Spec Tennis gives players success at the fastest rate. This means elevated confidence. Which means more fun & reaching a higher overall level.

What Others Are Saying

Dave Fish

Former Harvard Tennis Coach

"I like all aspects of Spec Tennis, and think that tennis needs something like this especially at the entry level. I haven’t liked how the ROGY (Red, Orange, Green, Yellow) pathway has played out—because the racquets are too lively and kids just poke at the ball. With Spec Tennis, you use a paddle which teaches kids to hit through the ball, and you use the pickleball court, so real estate has already been created and is growing exponentially."

Styrling Strother

Creator, Art of Winning Tennis

Spec Tennis gives me the ability to feel how spin and speed combines to create the type of shot that I’m looking to create back into the court. My players who play Spec Tennis learn to control the ball better and they become more aware of how to play the ball to win the point, instead of just concentrating on how they are hitting the ball. I would recommend any tennis player looking to improve their strategic abilities on the tennis court to play Spec Tennis.

Noah Newman

Head Pro, West Hills Racquet Club

"Spec Tennis is more social than tennis, not as loud as pickleball, and all around a very pleasant sporting & social experience""Spec Tennis is more social than tennis, not as loud as pickleball, and all around a very pleasant sporting & social experience"

Dan Regan

Director of Racquets, Brookhollow

“I use Spec Tennis a lot with my juniors, because making them learn to keep the ball under control in a confined space like a pickleball court, I believe that’s the way forward in junior development of tennis."

Ryan Hanrahan

Founder of Velox Tennis

I am proud to say that my team and I are the first people in Australia to play Spec Tennis. And it has been an inspiring experience. We trialed it on our junior and adult beginners with great success. Many of them struggle to hit any kind of rally or even in some circumstances are only learning to hit static shots over the net But when we gave them a go of Spec Tennis, they all could pick it up from the very beginning.